#1 Custom Tire Stickers | Sideline Lettering That"s Easy to Install

It's quite popular to have tires lettered.In 1922, Firestone released balloon tires with brand names stenciled on the sides, which led to a steady growth in tire lettering.Generally, there are two ways to letter - the sticker (decal) method and the stencil method.Lettering for tires, especially on race cars, is applied with both methods.Scroll down to find out where you can get custom tire stickers.

Custom Tire Stickers

A tire sticker creates a slick, expensive look for your car.The product transforms your car into a race car, and it is quite affordable.


Making the Decals from Scratch

To make your own tire decals from scratch, simply follow the steps below if you cannot afford to invest in sticker kits from regular sellers;


This sticker is easy to install and should last for quite some time.

How to Apply Tire Stickers: DIY


Cleaning, Repair, and Removing

When you're cleaning tire stickers, avoid using harsh chemicals, and avoid products that contain alcohol or chlorine bleach.Tire shine and similar chemicals should not be used.To clean your tire letterings, use a whitewall tire cleaner.To clean the tires, wait until they are cool to the touch, then use water to do so.Clean the lettering by spraying the whitewall on your cleaner.Allow it to sit for a few minutes so that it will absorb the dirt and grime.If necessary, scrub it off with a bristled brush.Water should be used to rinse off the tires.


More Stickers!

You can apply stickers to tires, for example.Other popular applications are:

Stickers made from ceramic

.Ceramic decals are the main technique for decorating porcelain, stoneware, majolica, and glasses of different compositions.Using them is a fantastic way to enhance the looks of some of your favorite objects or to promote your business.

Customized fishing rod stickers

With fishing rod decals, you can find a range of designs to select from.Stickers can be easily applied to rods, and they enhance their visual appeal quite a bit.Moreover, they are very easy to use.You can start preparing for an upcoming fishing season by having your custom fishing rod decals made now.

Names for boats

Stickers made of vinyl are used to customize boats and other surfaces where adhesive works.


1. How long do tire stickers last?

The tires can withstand harsh driving conditions for two weeks before cracking.This is an improvement over those smudgy, flaky paint pens.Because they are available in all the styles and patterns in the permanent area, you have a large selection to choose from!

2. Are tire stickers permanent?

3. Are tire stickers worth it?

4. Can you wash Tire Stickers?

5. What are tire stickers made from?